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Arab spring


Revolution in Syria – 8 months later… (september 2011)
A short reminder shot. Call of duty for me. Distress call for Syrian people.
Content of these amateur videos compilation is very graphic and may hurt some.


First week in free Eastern Libya (Cyrenaica), from Egyptian border to Benghazi. February 28 to march 5, 2011.


Central trailer of the webdocumentary “REVOLUTION@TUNISIA.TN”. January 2012, one year later.
Unfortunately the webdocumentary is no longer accessible, as the server on which it was has been trashed.


Tunis, January 2011. After Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled away on january the 14th, 2011 the main downtown avenue Habib Bourguiba turned into a giant political agora for a couple of weeks. The avenue was swamped with impassioned debates and a crowd intoxicated with this democracy’s pillar : freedom of expression.

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