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1994 > 1996 – Brussel, Antwerp, Paris, London

Mid-90′s, techno music movement is reaching its climax. Out of the raves trend, severely cracked down upon, clubbing has become pretty much mainstream night entertainment worldwide. Dress codes show the syncretism of this social wave, into which individualism, Gays and Babe Power reign. Digital era was strengthfully announced.
Pictures taken in the most famous Brussel’s nightclubs like Le Mirano, Le Fuse, gay parties La Démence. Café d’Anvers in Antwerp. Club Orange at Le Palace in Paris, and Folie’s Pigalle. And some other clubs in London, including an unforgettable techno fetishistic party once.

3 tracks played in the slide : Inside Your Mind – G.O.D. Limited / Paradise – Jeff Mills / 7th Question (Original Mix) – Marco Carola
Terrible mix I know, just take it as a sound document.

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