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India Shining India Crying

Visa pour l’Image, France, 2005 / India Photo Now, India, 2008 / Festival TOPS, China, 2008

A story of contemporary India

Ambitious, gigantic and under international scrutiny, India has a plan: to become an economic giant among nations. After centuries of submission under the British Empire and fifty years of sluggish independance,the asian elephant has awakened. Today the economic reforms begun in 1991 are clearly visible. MBut the instrument of progress is impatient and greedy. Like a steamroller, this unbridled developement ignores the destructive consequences it delivers upon the poor. Two Indias. Rural and urban. Between which a gulf widens inexorably.

• First version of the exhibition produced by Visa pour l’Image 2005 festival, supported by the Plastic Arts Department, French Ministry for Culture (15 prints acquired by National Collection of Contemporary Art) and Processus photo lab.

>> Group exhibition Oeil Public Agency : 10 years

• Second version of the exhibition produced by Cultural Department of French Embassy in India for India Photo Now – IPN08 festival.

>> Opening exhibition at Bose Pacia gallery, Calcutta, India, followed by a tour through french cultural centers in India. Closing exhibition at Romain Rolland gallery, New Delhi, India.

Bose Pacia Gallery, Calcutta, 2008 Bose Pacia Gallery, Calcutta, 2008 Bose Pacia Gallery, Calcutta, 2008


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