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Hinduist Pogrom

2008 – Orissa, India

The State of Orissa, India went through its most brutal and widespread communal violence in its history ever, at the end of august, 2008, whose epicentre was the Kandhamal district. Hordes of raging Bajrang Dal and RSS movements’ activists (Hindu fundamentalists) broke and commited well-organised and carefully planned an Anti-Christians progrom. They grabbed the opportunity of the killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, a nationalist and intolerant Hindu leader, who had been pointing out “forced conversions” oh Hindus by the Christians for years. Beginning of november authorities enumerated 3600 houses and 154 churches or prayer houses damaged or destroyed, and 37 dead. Several thousands of people were still taking refuge in government relief camps, or gone into exile far from Kandhamal.

  • Assignment from and publication in La Vie magazine.

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