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Personal projects


2014 - Egypt
In Egypt, a cocktail of frustrated pulsions and an extremely phallocratic regime are still ruining Egyptian women’s daily life.


India Shining, India Crying

2004 > 2008 - India
Ambitious, gigantic and under international scrutiny, India has a plan: to become an economic giant among nations. But the instrument of progress is impatient and greedy, and ignores the destructive consequences it delivers upon the poor.


Editorial & other stories

Hinduist Pogrom

2008 - Orissa, India
The State of Orissa, India went through its most brutal and widespread communal violence in its history ever, at the end of august, 2008.



Occupy this land

2012 > 2013 - France
A fierce battle over a new airport project has led to heavy clashes between French riot gendarmes and very determined opponents.