L'oeil public

Personal projects

Now Delhi

On show now
The economic boom in India and Delhi's headlong rush to demonstrate the country's place in the new world order has resulted in massive changes in the ancient city.


Off the Grid

2012-2014 - France
The movement for degrowth, or to live off the grid, both ecological and political, standing up against the consumer society and its destructive character, calls out to more and more citizens to go back to simple lives in the countryside



2014 - Egypt
In Egypt, a cocktail of frustrated pulsions and an extremely phallocratic regime are still ruining Egyptian women’s daily life.


Occupy Gezi, Istanbul

June 2013 - Turkey
A massive anti Erdogan (Prime Minister) movement born from a protest against the planned destruction of Gezi Park for a commercial mall.


Freedom Fighters – Turkey

June 2013 - Turkey
A massive anti Erdogan (current Prime Minister) movement born from a protest against the planned destruction of Gezi Park for a commercial mall. Revolution icons made out of a digital collage process.


Freedom Fighters – France

2012 > 2013 - France
A fierce battle over a new airport project, and against a non-democratic mode of development, has led to heavy clashes between French riot gendarmes and very determined opponents. Revolution icons made out of a digital collage process.


Arab Spring

2011 - Arab countries
The 2011 Arab revolutions.


Freedom Fighters – Arab spring

2011 - 2012
Arab people couldn't take any more. Revolution icons made out of a digital collage process.


Libya – Green Like Hell

March 2011 - Libya
This is the official colour of Gaddafi’s regime and his famous ideological Green Book. If one would dare paint it in another colour, he would for sure get into trouble.


Dignity Project – Amnesty International

2008 - India
Too often in India, especially in the State of Odisha, mineral ressources are located where tribals and low castes have been living for centuries. Their land is negotiated at ridiculously low prices, if not simply grabbed away, and they pay with their...


The Suicide Crops

2006 > 2007 - Maharashtra, India
Summer 2006. One farmer commits suicide every height hours in Vidarbha, the cotton belt of India. The great majority of the peasants who ended up excessively indebt and who committed suicide had gone to genetic cotton.


India Shining, India Crying

2004 > 2008 - India
Ambitious, gigantic and under international scrutiny, India has a plan: to become an economic giant among nations. But the instrument of progress is impatient and greedy, and ignores the destructive consequences it delivers upon the poor.


Indian Night

2004 > 2008 - India
Night roving in India's cities, villages and countryside. To catch an essence of the country, the one from its street life.


Mad about Jesus

2005 > 2006
Evangelical Christians, out of a very emotional mode, "save" souls by hundreds of thousands worldwide. A converting power that leaves far behind the good old Catholic Church.


Fetishistic Nights

2001 - Paris, Brussel, London
Fetishism is nowadays seen less as any illness but more of a scene. The majority of participants see it as a festive and uninhibited erotic game.


Balkans – Beast and the Beauties

2000 > 2002 - Sofia, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje
The word Balkan originates from two Turkish words meaning blood and honey. The media having already sufficiently exploited the blood aspect, therefore during my trips to the region I chose the part of the bee.



1994 > 1996 - Brussel, Antwerp, Paris, London
Mid-90's, house music movement is reaching its climax.


Editorial & other stories

Je Suis Charlie

2015 - France
Five days following the terrorist attack against the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie on january 7th, 2015.


Kiev Fashion Week

October 2013 - Ukraine
Ukrainian fashion week from a certain point of view.


Ragbag Socializing

2011 - France
France ragbag fairs' boom. Turning down the current planned obsolescence trend every object is basically built with, the feeling is that you are getting out of the downward spiral of the spending mass.


Bombay loaded

2004 > 2008 - India
Those hoping to find themselves surrounded by the best and the brightest on a kitsch Bollywoodian dancefloor are quickly disillusioned. Bombay revellers are the same as those found in Moscow or Shanghai: globalized.


Hinduist Pogrom

2008 - Orissa, India
The State of Orissa, India went through its most brutal and widespread communal violence in its history ever, at the end of august, 2008.


Cannes Film Festival

2008 - France
Cannes Film Festival, on a carte blanche assignment.


Gumball 3000

2004 - France, Spain, Morocco
Gumball 3000, an illegal rallye. Registration fee: 12.000 Euros. At the wheel : billionaires, celebrities, pin-ups and eccentric teams.


Water in PAC

2003 - France
In the major part of Bretagne region, drinking water provided has gone unproper to human consumption, because of the agricultural pollution. Bretons has since become the first consumers of bottled water in France.


Death of John Paul II

2005 - Rome, Italy
The crazy week in Rome when pope John Paul II died.


K > 50

2002 - France
It's my last day in this great mountain environment. Want to make the most of it. I get a serious accident and 2 broken bones.


Foire du Trone

1999 > 2001 - France
The annual amusement park La Foire du Trone at Bois de Vincennes, Paris.




The Other Hundred

Published in 2015
A non-profit photo-book featuring stories from all over the world showing the infinite variety of ways in which people shape their work and run their lives.


Letters from Europe

Published in 2011
Book/Catalog of a group exhibition. An assignment from Limonkraft Association.


Oeil Public – 15 years of storytelling

Published in 2010
by Democratic Books / Jean Di Sciullo. Group retrospective book published after Oeil Public agency closed down in january 2010.


Dignity. Human Rights and Poverty

Published 2010
by Textuel publisher. Out with the major exhibition "Dignity" of Amnesty International France with Oeil Public photographers.


The Megapolis Tour. Bombay

Published 2009
by Gestalten. out with the exhibition at Seven Star Gallery, Berlin.


This Day of Change

Published 2009
by Kodansha Publishers & Courrier Japan.


Alchemy of Iniquity

Published 2008
by Panos South Asia. An assignment of Panos South Asia NGO.


India Now. New visions in photography

Published 2007
Co-publishing by Textuel et Thames & Hudson.