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Je Suis Charlie

2015 - France
Five days following the terrorist attack against the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie on january 7th, 2015.


Kiev Fashion Week

October 2013 - Ukraine
Ukrainian fashion week from a certain point of view.


Ragbag Socializing

2011 - France
France ragbag fairs' boom. Turning down the current planned obsolescence trend every object is basically built with, the feeling is that you are getting out of the downward spiral of the spending mass.


Bombay loaded

2004 > 2008 - India
Those hoping to find themselves surrounded by the best and the brightest on a kitsch Bollywoodian dancefloor are quickly disillusioned. Bombay revellers are the same as those found in Moscow or Shanghai: globalized.


Hinduist Pogrom

2008 - Orissa, India
The State of Orissa, India went through its most brutal and widespread communal violence in its history ever, at the end of august, 2008.


Cannes Film Festival

2008 - France
Cannes Film Festival, on a carte blanche assignment.


Gumball 3000

2004 - France, Spain, Morocco
Gumball 3000, an illegal rallye. Registration fee: 12.000 Euros. At the wheel : billionaires, celebrities, pin-ups and eccentric teams.


Water in PAC

2003 - France
In the major part of Bretagne region, drinking water provided has gone unproper to human consumption, because of the agricultural pollution. Bretons has since become the first consumers of bottled water in France.


Death of John Paul II

2005 - Rome, Italy
The crazy week in Rome when pope John Paul II died.


K > 50

2002 - France
It's my last day in this great mountain environment. Want to make the most of it. I get a serious accident and 2 broken bones.


Foire du Trone

1999 > 2001 - France
The annual amusement park La Foire du Trone at Bois de Vincennes, Paris.