1994-1996 - Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, London
The 3 tracks here (only for sound illustration purpose): Inside Your Mind – G.O.D. Limited / Paradise – Jeff Mills / 7th Question (Original Mix) – Marco Carola
Mid-90's, techno music movement is reaching its climax. Out of the raves trend, severely cracked down upon, clubbing has become pretty much the mainstream nightly entertainment worldwide. Dress codes show the syncretism of this social wave, into which individualism, gays and 'Babe Power' reign. The upcoming digital era was being powerfully announced.
Pictures taken in the most famous Brussel's nightclubs like Le Mirano, Le Fuse, gay parties La Démence. Café d'Anvers in Antwerp. Club Orange at Le Palace and Folie's Pigalle, both in Paris. Plus some other clubs in London, including an unforgettable techno fetishistic party once.
Personal projects

To get a bit more into this musical period, listen to this mixes – that I made – exploring the typical sound of this time, but slightly boosted with later remixes or drum lines. If you like that genre, needless to say…

OLD SCHOOL HOUSE [boosted #1]

The birth years, 1986-1991 !! What a time ! 1989, revolutionnary annum ! Acid House, Hip House, Breakbeats… and the black soul once again on the forefront of music creation and this massive new wave that was swamping the world under its charm. And I was so happily sporting that acid yellow smiley knit somewhere on my clothes, I remember.
In this draft # 1 most titles date from 1990, and are boosted with some later remixes and a pinch of also later beat lines. I don’t want to stick to the absolutely orthodox sound of the time, I like to strenghten it a bit.

OLD SCHOOL HOUSE [boosted #2]

In this set # 2 most titles date from 1988 to 1991 and are boosted with some later remixes or sometimes enhanced with beat lines from Simon Harris’ “Beats, Breaks & Scratches Volumes”.

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