First victims of the coronavirus: the migrant labourers #1

In the region of the Indian capital, Delhi NCR, the great exodus continues. Daily wage labourers / migrants are fleeing massively away from their shacks and temporary dwellings to reach their hometowns and villages (mostly in the States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar), where they’ll have better chances of food and survival they think. However the risk of a large community transmission of the virus is now immense.
After the sudden announcement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of a total lockdown over the entire nation, they got into panic. These people earn little, usually don;t have much savings, and live in slum-like conditions quite often. Rumor mongers it is said would also have kicked off this panic movement, that can’t be stopped any more. So federal States are organizing in an emergency fleets of buses to help those migrants on the roads go back home and saving then several days of march. Two people died today before they could reach their final desrination.

Johann Rousselot Blog #03

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