Freedom Fighters – France

2012-2013 - France
Notre-Dame-des-Landes is the site of a proposed new airport complex (a public-private deal with Vinci company) on a wetland and a hedged farmland area near Nantes, western France. It has been the ground of fierce clashes since mid-october 2012 between French riot gendarmes and very determined opponents; local farmers and residents, green warriors and activists, noticeably supported by extreme left anarchists and anticapitalist youth who started to squat in evacuated houses or to build self-made tree houses and forest dwellings some three years ago to physically block the area to the promoters. Those squatters had started to produce their own food and wanted to live out of the system in complete autonomy, thus advocating small scale and organic farming, protection of agricultural lands for the future generations, and they strongly oppose urban sprawling and lobbies' excessive power on people's lifes in our contemporary world. /.../
Personal projects
/.../ The police intend to dismantle the camps so that preliminary work clearing the undergrowth can begin. This project dates back to 1970, but gathered momentum since 2008 when definitive limits of the project area were made public. Since mid-october 2012, authorities have launched the Caesar operation to force the aiport opponents out.
This work follows the same process as applied to the project Freedom Fighters - Arab Spring, revolution icons made out of a digital collage.

On the same topic see also the work > 'Land occupied… Do not try again later'

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