Gumball 3000

2004 - France, Spain, Morocco
An assignment from Max Magazine. With Boris Coridian
Track from the Gumball 3000 compilation, 2004 edition.
Gumball 3000's sixth edition ran on some 3000 miles over six days, on an itinerary encompassing Paris for the start, Marrakech as the most southern tip, and Cannes as the finish line. This rally nearing with the limits of legality was launched in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper. Inspired by the film Cannonball Run, Gumball is more a state of mind than a race, their organisers say. Even though the drivers make it a point of honour to come first at the checkpoints, there is no classification and no stopwatch. /.../
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/.../ The registration fee is 12.000 Euros. At the wheel are billionaires, celebrities, pin-ups and eccentric teams, all seeking thrills from their favourite toy. Cops and robbers is their game of choice. In this edition many accidents occured, some of the participants having possibly thought for too long to make out between a European highway and a small countryside road in the Moroccan Atlas.

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