Bling Bling Bombay

2004-2008 - India
Press publications : Elle France / Le Nouvel Observateur (France) / Mir (Russia)
Bombay, financial capital of India and, according to a myth well maintained by the film industry, the queen of wild nights. If it is true that Bombay knows how to throw the best parties in this country of a billion souls, those hoping to find themselves surrounded by the best and the brightest on a kitsch Bollywoodian dancefloor are quickly disillusioned. The spectacular scenes filmed by the Bollywood dream factory are to be found only in the local cinema. Going out in Bombay today means frequenting a chic address which has proven itself over time or testing a new club that everyone is talking about. And for these new clubs, survival depends on more than just being new. Their owners wager everything on the menu and the decor. These restaurants, clubs and bars ressemble the Buddha Bar or copy the Hard Rock Cafe formula. /.../
Editorial & other stories
/.../ Italian and japanese menus are a sure thing and the selection of alcohol should in no way deceive an Indian living in London back for a visit. The DJs will most certainly drop a few remixed Bollywood hits into the house mix. As for the famous "dance bars" where strippers can be found, the reactionary city leaders, in power for years, are rapidly closing them down. Actually, Bombay revellers are the same as those found in Moscow or Shanghai: globalized. Their dream: live like westerners. "West is Best"!
Going out in Bombay is an activity reserved for the rich. For he who spends the most ostentatiously and who is seen with the most celebrities. Or he who stays within exclusive high society groups. With the hope of appearing in the Glam and Glory column of the Bombay Times. To quote Time Out Mumbai : "Linger over your drink as you watch the prettiest people from Mumbai's prettiest suburbs tell each other how pretty they all are".

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