Off the Grid

2011-2014 - France
The movement for 'de-growth', or to live off the grid, standing up against the consumer society and its destructive nature, appeals to more and more citizens. To go back to a simpler life in the countryside, reconnected to the nature, is a noticeable trend, worldwide, especially in the so-called developed world, or Western world societies. Condemning the waste economy, the ideology of perpetual growth… those opting for this radical way of life display all shapes and tints but are undeniably linked by a same thought: our world is heading straight into an abyss and it's urgent to change our economic system. Most of them take up to agriculture and become neo-farmers. They repopulate some villages - most of them have become ghost towns in France nowadays - want to eat all organic, re-establish true and profound human relationships… In short all those things life in the city has rendered challenging if not impossible. /.../
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/.../ The strange feeling when observing this movement is that it seems to be both living in the past and in the future. It celebrates the good old times, the one before mechanization and automation, nurturing a great nostalgia for a world where plastic, planned obsolescence, intensive farming did not exist. And it also brings up ideas making great sense for a better future of our developed societies. Because we clearly cannot go on as we have since industrial revolution. Many people agree on this, but few have the guts to take the plunge so as to tune to these ideas. The movement, in its large diversity, also shelters lost souls and jobless people prefering to be in a rural misery rather than an urban poverty, and politicized radicals finding there a good reason to live and fight for a greater cause. The latter have definitely found a political cause worth fighting for, and those fights will no doubt multiply in the future.

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