The Other Hundred

Published in 2015
A non-profit photo-book featuring stories from all over the world showing the infinite variety of ways in which people shape their work and run their lives. Selection of the stories after a worldwide open-call for submissions. My proposition was a short story about La Ferme des Bouillons.
In December 2012, Tatiana Gameroff and a dozen other young activists occupied La Ferme des Bouillons, an abandoned 18th-century farmhouse at Mont-Saint-Aignan, near Rouen in northern France’s Normandy region. Among France’s largest retail companies had planned to build a supermarket at this location. Mobilising support through social networks, the activists gathered enough resources to mount a legal campaign that resulted in the local council re-classifying the farm as a “Protected Natural Zone” in January 2014. /.../
/.../ Since occupying the farm, Tatiana and her fellow activists have reintroduced the growing of vegetables and the raising of poultry to its fields, selling their produce at an open market held each Sunday.

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