Arab Spring

2011 - Northern Africa, Middle East

Arab revolutions of 2011. In Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Morocco. My work on Egypt, where I couldn't be when the revolution went off in january 2011, can be seen in the portraits & collages in 'Freedom Fighters - Arab Spring'.
Personal projects

Tunisian revolution

2011 - Tunisia
Information technologies were at the heart of the revolution.
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After Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled away on january the 14th, 2011 the main downtown avenue Habib Bourguiba turned into a giant political agora for a couple of weeks. The avenue was swamped with impassioned debates and a crowd intoxicated with this democracy’s pillar : freedom of expression.
Tunisian Feminism (2011-2012)
A modest tribute to Didon - the founder and first Queen of Carthage for the Phoenician people on the present day Tunisian coastline, in 814 B.C. This series takes a quick look at Tunisian womanness, in this country which was a forerunner in the Arab world in terms of women rights, and has been profoundly secular and liberal in that way since the 1950's. Tunis Fashion Week launched its 2011 edition under the slogan Handsome and Free. As freedom of expression back since Ben Ali's fall it allows everyone to speak out now, so do the islamists and the salafists. They have brought a new fear among the Tunisian society that has just got rid of deeply rooted fear from Ben Ali's repressive regime ; the return of retrograde ideas, to which women would pay a heavy toll. Grounded fears or political manipulation? Future will tell, in the meantime Tunisian and free women just hope this is just a bad dream.
Photographs include some reproductions of Faiza magazine pages, the first women and feminist afro-arabic magazine (1959-1968).
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Libyan revolution

2011 - Libya
This revolution took a much more classic turn, as an armed conflict and civil war ensued.
First week in Eastern and free Libya. Entered via the Egyptian border. February 28 to March 05th.
Green Like Hell
Virtually every shop roller shutter in town is painted in green. Official buildings, if they have any colour, will display green. This is the official colour of Gaddafi's regime and his famous ideological Green Book. If one would dare paint it in another colour, he would for sure get into trouble. The situation in the country brought most of the shops to stay closed, consequently this colour stands out even more than usual. Benghazi, Libya, March 2011.

Syrian revolution

Revolution in Syria – 6 months later…
Content of these amateur videos compilation is graphic, shocking and may hurt some. However the most shocking fact is the complete impunity this barbaric and feudal regime has been granted for 6 months.

Morocco’s postponed revolution

2011 - Morocco
Anticipated legislative elections of november 25th, 2011 were set to put down the growing unrest of Moroccan population. The big favorite, Abdelilah Benkirane, leader of the islamist Justice and Development Party and validated by the King, won.
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