Awaiting the storm: a 10.000 beds Covid-19 center

Delhi’s government is trying to get ready to face a surge in the number of cases and an amplifying health crisis in the capital city, despite a long and very strict lockdown which had started by the end of March. It is now setting up a massive Covid-19 patient’s facility, said to be the biggest in the world, to treat non-vital cases (those in need of CPU support will be sent elsewhere), with the help of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas spiritual center, which dedicates a fraction of its immense campus; 29 acres under a one kilometer long shed will host up to 10.000 beds, and is supposed to be air-climatized and fully operational from July the 3d, 2020. Add to this a 1500 places parking and an additional 50 acres for the services attached, intendance, medical staff etc…

Johann Rousselot Blog #03

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