Pinks & blues #nofilter

The sky seen from the earth, the sky seen from the sky… The earth seen form the sky I leave it to those who can afford. The Cloud, on the Cloud, you hear this too much nowadays. So be it then, long live the clouds! It’s been now some years I collect skies. Because the pleasure to shoot those incessantly moving surfaces, captating the subtle light games at the corners of the days is a simple and immediate pleasure. Never ever the same, but in those big blue sky days maybe. Yet we all ‘live under the same sky’ so to speak. Those vapors, gaz, clouds have inspired many an artist for centuries, since mankind discovered the colour pigments I believe. I am inspired too. Who never fell in awe and contemplation from behind the aircraft’s windows? There are such subtleties in the gracious dance of vapors and light that Photoshop gets lost. On this picture here, I tried the basic act of color correction by checking the levels, drew the cursor towards the curves’ foot, and what a disaster! So on these end of the day amazing lights, best thing to do one has to is possibly to keep close to the raw file, and by memory and instinct try to find back the magic of that instant, without cheating. There’s no need of cheating if you were out there with your camera at the right moment.

Johann Rousselot Blog #03

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